The Five Covens is now available in PlayStation!

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This project is a 3D video game of adventures and puzzles that is set in a world of
medieval fantasy, more specifically in the folklore of witchcraft and magic.

Magic is not everything

Since the beginning of time, magic had been a very important resource in the land of Gaarth. But to overcome some of the levels, you will need to strengthen the ability of platform jumping.

Experience an unique adventure

In the land of Gaarth there are five families of sorcerers, each with its characteristic power
The main character is a young witch belonging to the family that dominates levitation.

Highly doubtful   enemies

All kinds of enemies will try to stop you in the way out of the Castle, but some of them may not be a big struggle. However, having caution when reaching the gate is a must if you dont want to die.

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